I Am Hero One: The Blackout

Teenaged Hermishi Bonay loves what he does --> Racing. Motoboard racing. He dreams of becoming the best and will let nothing stop him from getting there! But being a motoboard racer in the year 2699 isn't easy. It's a dangerous sport, meant for only the daring! Meanwhile, as this teenager is battling his racing rivals, a long-forgotten evil begins to stir in the shadows. Join Hermishi as he attends races, juggles school, hangs out with friends and family, and eventually, has to battle evil!

Snippet #004

“Reading these works of fiction. Peeking into the ordinary lives of those who the author wished to be as, or maybe following after a daring hero on their romantic quests…. All of it rather intrusive if they were real. Perhaps even odd in a sense…”