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Snippet #001

Today is a very special day for me. I could blab about why today is a special day, but I really don’t want to bore my readers so, I’ll cut straight to the chase. Today is the very first release of a my Snippet collection!! Every since I created this blog I’ve been at war … Continue reading Snippet #001

Rebekka: Challenges (pt. 8)

Training— Day 1 Before the dawn had arisen, Rebekka and Mason were making their way through the wakening streets of the Slums. Their benefactor, Fishker was his name, had sent them on their way with kindness and a small stack of provisions. He supplied them with little loaf of bread, some cheese; supposing they may … Continue reading Rebekka: Challenges (pt. 8)

Summer Portfolio

Thanks For Viewing! I hope This Gallery Gives You a Bit of Summertime Wherever You Are!!