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Rebekka: Challenges (pt. 6)

“Today was amazing!” Mason exclaimed excitedly. “I met new friends, saw new places,” She grabbed Rebekka by the arms, “I rode a horse! I actually rode a horse!!” “Okay, okay,” Rebekka laughed. “I know. I was there, remember?” Mason clasped her hands at her chest, and dreamily said, “Oh, it was like flying!” Rebekka fluffed … Continue reading Rebekka: Challenges (pt. 6)

Rebekka: Challenges (pt. 5)

In no time the five had returned to the Sect and were back by the fountain. “So, I guess the tour is off now right?” Mason asked. She shifted her stance and nervously rubbed an arm. “I understand if no one wants to go anywhere else. I mean, I feel like that….” And she looked … Continue reading Rebekka: Challenges (pt. 5)