A Collection of Recent Artworks….

Last Weeks Art Projects? No, not exactly. I said I would be resuming those, but my schedule had gotten tangled up. Now I’m freer than usual, but to catch everyone up (again), I’ll be posting my most recent digital artworks! Enjoy!


2. Neko Cover

So, I had been referenced to listen to a song and I liked it so much, it inspired me to to make a kind of music cover. It was fun and turned out spectacular!

4. Woman

A bit of realistic practice. I drew this digitally in Medibang Paint Pro. It’s been a long time since I’ve tried realistic art, but I’ve never turned out a project as good as this one.

4. A Dark Portrait 2020 vs. 2021

A redraw of an art work back in 2020….

5. Mordicī… as a Hitman

A twist on one of my favorite characters of my comic I Am Hero One!

6. Stella & BE-Bon

And here’s my new virtual persona, Stella! A purple alien woman having adventures in the vast reaches of space with her adorable luminescent friend, BE-Bon!!!

7. Mordicī’s Styles #2

8. And…. A Sneak Peek!

A page of the I Am Hero One Comic!

So, That’s It For Now Folks!

Thanks For Viewing! And Until Next Time…

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Can’t wait until next week?? You can also find me on Instagram and Deviant Art, where I post almost daily! Just search for my handle @sallyorali !

~Sally or Ali… ❤❤

© 2021 Alison Bankroft

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