Last Week’s Art Projects – Volume I

It’s back! Weekly artwork of mine that I release for my very special viewers and any one else that cares to stop by. This week, I’ll cover last week and a few weeks previously. Perhaps the last week of February until now. Sounds good? Okay let’s go!

From Oldest—> Newest

1. Mordicī’s Styles

2. Lily

Mordicī’s Wife

3. Cookie Chibi

4. Chibi Mordicī

Nope! He doesn’t wanna be pet! XD

5. Street Fighter Fanart — Akuma

6. Benny

A new character of the I Am Hero One comic!

7. Kris

Another new character of the I Am Hero One comic!

8. A Cover for the I Am Hero One Comic

A Temporary Cover…

9. Kris — Battle Ready

10. A Fantasy With Clouds

11. Loli and Mr. Licorice

Thanks For Viewing! And Until Next Time…

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Can’t wait until next week?? You can also find me on Instagram and Deviant Art, where I post daily! Just search for my handle @sallyorali !


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