Last Week’s Art Projects… [Bronze Release]

Finally! After long time coming, I’ve decided to resume releasing my editions of Last Week’s Art Projects. It’s been several weeks since the last edition, but I’ve been working, drawing, and planning the entire time. It wouldn’t make since to release my most recent projects, so I’ve collected every single art project I’ve done over a two month span and bundled them here for everyone to see. Just seems easier to do it this way. Oh, and I won’t be adding my usual commentary, so this is gonna be a gallery type thing. Trust me, that’s going to be a headache for both you and me.

1. Headphones x Music

2. A Queen’s Portrait

3. Flora

4. Katherine

5. Jude In Armor

6. An Armor Tutorial

7. A Character Design: Standish

7. Mei 2019 –> 2020 Challenge

8. Hermishi

9. Gena

10. Steampunk Sepia

11. Casual Ji-Ji

12. Casual Mordicī

13. Hermishi’s Late For School!!

Thanks For Stopping by and I Hoped You Enjoyed This Bronze Edition of Last Week’s Art Projects!

P.S. Please do not copy/ redraw/ trace my work! Thanks!

©2020 FÄDEE

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