Snippet #001

Today is a very special day for me. I could blab about why today is a special day, but I really don’t want to bore my readers so, I’ll cut straight to the chase.

Today is the very first release of a my Snippet collection!!

Every since I created this blog I’ve been at war with myself of whether or not I should release random clips of plot ideas. These plot ideas I like to call “Snippets” because well… they are pieces, or snips, of the scattered manuscript of a book idea.

I get a lot of book ideas (tons of them actually). Most of the time they are fancies and whims that are blotted out and forgotten before the next day, but other times I just can’t resist writing a wonderful scene that just poofs! into my mind. Many of these scenes may occur in any part of the plot (beginning, middle, or end) and tend to jump into any setting. I usually like to write my Snippets because I don’t have to have to worry about explaining the setting or building events to that point of time. However, for the sake of my readers, I’ll briefly explain some of the backstory of this Snippet:

This Snippet belongs to a book I plan to write far, far in the future. The book’s title is Monster, Monster and so far it’s about a young woman, Ms. Elaine Rhodes, who’s a psychologist and tending to her patient, Mr. Sendak Kane. Sendak has a mystic condition that distorts his human nature and makes him more brutish and almost animal-like in instinct. It is Elaine’s responsibility as a phycologist to reverse Sendak’s condition and on her life she promises to save him from a fate of the gallows.

[Setting and Backstory: A small cabin in the woods just on the outskirts of a small northern European town. Since this is a work of fiction, the town will remain nameless. The year is somewhere around the late 19th century, which will explain the horse drawn carriages and lack of more complex technologies or the modern era.]


“Have you come again?” Sendak rasped from beneath his cowl. There he was, in his dark corner once more.

“Yes,” Elaine replied trying to uphold a level tone, “yes I ‘ave”

Even in the shadow, Sendak’s face could be seen to move. Elaine assumed a straighter posture, clutching her gloves firmer.

“Have you decided to let me out?” he rasped.

“I… I cannot.” Sendak shifted again. “The town’s people fear you. They fear what you are, that you are more beast than man… especially after the two-”

Sendak released a low growl, his pointed canines glinting in the dim lighting. Elaine sucked in a breath and gripped her gloves a little tighter. Then, like a fleeting shadow, Sendak moved.

Quicker than any could blink, he had ran and was now upon her, staring into Elaine’s blanched face. She didn’t start or give a surprised cry, but she had become rigid, leaning back from him unconsciously. She couldn’t see that face of his, not its entirety, but did see his pale chin and lips.

“You fear me too,” those lips whispered.

“Yes, I do,” Elaine whispered back, but then she cleared her throat and said louder, “but that’s just the thing Mr. Kane. Fear is a natural emotion of human nature. It is what keeps us from being fool-hearted and stupid.”

A smirk transformed those pale thin lips of his.

“And yet courage courses though your veins,” whispered the lips again.

Sendak’s cloak swirled and flapped as he turned, but then settled as he slowly limped back to his corner.

“It takes courage to admit fear……” he whispered. “How do the townspeople talk of me?”

Elaine cleared her throat again, lowly, but sharply all the same. She could not deny that she had felt something in that comment of her courage, particularly since so many did not believe in her.

“They fear you, as I have said,” she replied moving over to place her gloves on a low desk. “Gathered together and speaking quietly amongst themselves. Some have even concentrated to show aggression towards me.” She turned to look at Sendak and wasn’t surprised to find him staring off a distance. She cocked her head over to the side and looked to the floor pursing her lips some. But then she perked once more.

“Do not trouble yourself over the fact of that though, Mr. Kane. They will shut their snarls soon enough.”

“Perhaps,” he said shifting in his corner some. “Or, if you evah have thought, they may not back down with their yipping until you back down with your stubborn iron-will.”

“Maybe, maybe not, but you are my patient and I will not allow any harm to come to you.”

Sendak who had been watching her as she said this, looked away, somewhere down to the floor.

“Brave woman you are Miss Rhodes, brave woman you are….”

Elaine smiled faintly. “I am not brave, only stubborn.”


So that’s it. I was trying to work on imagery and dialect in this particular Snippet, but I don’t know if it’s clear or not. I could go on, but then that may cut into the time I have for writing and illustrating the Rebekka web novel (and I’m already 1000 words behind schedule). The next time I post a Snippet, it may not be connected to this part of the plot or it may not be within the same plot at all. If you have tips or questions, let me know in the comments below.

Thanks For Reading,


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