I’m Back!

Photo by Kun Fotografi on Pexels.com

So, after two weeks of writing, drawing, and planning, I’ve returned from the land of blog making. I’ve mainly worked on the order and appearance of my site, and the extra content, but I’m still working on creating a reasonable amount. Creating content was a little more time consuming than I thought, but nevertheless, I have a few new things that may be of interest.

The Art Blog

For the Art Blog, I’ve rearranged it and added a classified section for my photography. I’ve managed to collect a surprising amount of photos this year and decided it would be perfect to share the best of them! I grouped all of the editions of Last Week’s Art projects for easier access. Along with Last Week’s Art Project’s I’ll be post my art accomplishments, goals, and challenges. Hopefully, this will allow a closer and clearer look into my art progress.

There will also be a new section in the Art Blog containing my past drawings, Videos from my YouTube channel and, redrawing of my old work.

The Cooking Blog

Get your cooking supplies ready! I’ve created a new space where I’ll post my recipes! You’ll be able to find Recipes at the Cooking Blog (at this moment it’s labeled as Coming Soon, but it’ll be opened later this week). The Cooking Blog will be the place to go if your looking for homemade, made-from-scratch recipes. Some will be quick and simple, and others will be a little more complex, but I promise, all cooking is easy! I will also work on posting cooking tips and my personal opinions on what to cook for certain times of day, or meals and their complements.

Web Novel

I’ve finally decided it’s time for my Rebekka web novel to have its own little piece of my blog site. Before, I had it under the page Snippets, but so far, it has grown to more than snippets of literature. As for the Snippets page, I think I may have the time to occasionally post the small, brief glimpses of plots that happen to pop into my mind at times. This was the original plan of Snippets, but I thought it may just be pointless and confusion for my readers.

After a long time coming, I’ve also created the Rebekka Achieves (also labeled as Coming Soon but will be opened later this week). The archives are basically a place I’ll post extra content such as mini comics, character profiles and pictures, maps, backstories, etc. I may just start up “What The Director Thinks”, but that’ll be for very special occasions (or no occasion at all!)

Now that we have that out of the way, I have a few more things to list about the Rebekka web novel. I’ve gotten into the habit of posting every week, but if I figured that if I’m going to include the all the newly added content of my site, I’ll need more time to write the usual 1,500-2,000 word post I do. This said, the Rebekka Web novel may be released every week or a later than a week. However, releases will be no later than two weeks. If the web novel will be later than its usual week, I will release a notice saying so.

Extra Words

For now, these are all the updates I’ve conjured, and I hope in the future you’ll come to enjoy them. I won’t be posting all of the new content at one time, (because I wouldn’t want to bombard my followers), but instead I thought it would be better to release pieces of the update two days at a time. First up, it’s the Art Blog update. I’ve included the posted the new section Best of My Summer. It includes my gardening and nature photos of Summertime Bliss, so be sure to check it out.


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