Last Week’s Art Projects… [Week 10]

As an overview, I’ll just say I now know what the saying starving artist means. I hit a little low spot this week because I had no idea of how to gauge my progress. At some points I had no idea what to draw or if I should continue drawing. Frustration would do this to you, but nevertheless, I somehow reconnected to my artistic center and pulled through!

  1. A Few Comic Sketches

After my last mini comic, I wasn’t so sure about doing another. I was so excited at it’s release, but hardly received any feedback (and those who did I thank you for it). I was starting to think I wouldn’t be suited as a comic artist (or mangaka since I am drawing manga). However, I had some helpful advice which, in a nutshell was: Never to give up and try harder to perfect your style.

So now I’m back at it, this time focusing on anatomy and various expressions. I want to give my art some flexibility and weed out that stiff look. I have some work to do, but I won’t stop until I develop and perfect my finesse!

2. Terra Form Water/ Cloud 9

If you ever want to know if you still got your skills, it’s always best to test them. Since I had been doing so much digital drawing, I was beginning to worry I may have lost the skills I gained through drawing with pencil and paper. Thankfully I haven’t lost them (much I hope….)

3. Duet Dancers

This project isn’t exactly spectacular, but I was just up at two o’clock in the morning listening to Chopin’s Aeolian Harp (Opus 25) and this popped up in my head. I thought it would be nice to practice digital painting and I was quite surprise at how the finished product came out. Kinda reminds me of an abstract… or some form of impressionism.

ARTstreet’s Weekly Theme Projects


4. Mordicī [Late Teen]

As I put in the title, Mordicī is a late teen, which explains his silly and radical appearance. Back in his youth he was one of the rebel type and had several piercings, but eventually, after becoming a Peace Trooper and meeting Lily, he got rid of all of them except for his iconic gold earring. Now I warn you, this is a SUPER rare picture of him. He never keeps ones like this around and actually tries to burn any he finds.

P.S. If you look closely, you’ll see he’s wearing braces! Oh, and who knows if his shirt is saying Closer or Loser…

And hey! I even have the speed painting tutorial to this one! There’s three videos (I have to upload the third), but I’m only going to include the first one here.

I’ve gotten into including music with my videos….

5. Nash

This is an original character of mine named Nash, a north Russian native. He’s on of the characters of the Aurora Series. I know, what your possibly (probably, maybe, slightly) thinking: What a weird looking guy, but I have my reasons.

You must excuse his appearance. Many people misunderstood him and he ended up in several asylums. However, he can bench-press 3 tons easy, so anytime he wanted to get out, well, he would just break his way out. To try and contain him asylums would chain him up but…. that never worked.

Alas! I regret to say we have now reached the end of Week 10’s Last Week’s Art Projects. I really hope you’ve enjoyed viewing my art and can’t wait to see see what’s in store for next week. Drop a comment if you have a word or two to say and I’ll bee seeing you next time… or writing to you next time.

Thanks and Until Next Time,


P.S. Please do not copy/retrace/redraw my projects. If you would like to repost please get permission first. Thanks!!

© 2020 Alison Bankroft

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