Last Week’s Art Projects… [Week 8]

If I were to say that last week I was busy, that would be an understatement. Last week, I was overdriven with determination. I decided to up my art game and try to achieve farther heights. I tried line art. I tried pencil and paper doodles. Tried digital doodles. I even tried digitally painting, five hour projects, and making my own GIF. I’m telling ya, I will reach greater achievements and never stop!


  1. Cool Blue
This is what I call a Digital Doodle…

I couldn’t find a good title for this moody guy here, so I ended up with Cool Blue. This is a doodle I could’ve possibly added more detail to but… ’tis just a doodle after all!

2. Girls in Glasses

I took the liberty one day to get out the old pencil and doodle a bit on paper. Let’s just say I wasn’t really feeling getting out my pen tablet, finding its pen, and dealing with such things as layers and clicking buttons to switch from brush tool to eraser tool. Digital drawing can take that much sometimes.

Line Art

3. Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean was a submission to a contest (that I didn’t win unfortunately), but he shows an achievement of mine. Line art! I usually hate trying at line art, because the hard lines scare me, but that why it’s best to start with a good sketch. As an artist I should know that, but *sigh* I sometimes can’t see all the obvious truths.


4. The Little Stout Alien Woman

I’m both proud and frustrated at my very first GIF. I drew it from scratch, but I feel it’s missing something. I’ll be drawing another one and will strive to make it the best quality I can.

And don’t ask me why I chose to draw a purple alien woman. I guess I wanted to try something “out of this world”! ^o^ ^o^

A Painted Project

5. Snow Queen

My first published digitally painted project. Currently I’m still working on my officially first one.

The Five Hour Projects

And last but certainly not least… my five hour projects. Note: These projects are presented in start-to-finish slideshows.

6. Sea-Green Ribbons

This project was for this week’s theme on ARTstreet, ribbon. I love ribbons, absolutely love them! Drawing them, wearing them, and buying them in all types of colors and textures! It’s just the beginning of this week’s theme and I’ll definitely be drawing more artwork to this theme.

7. Tears of Hers

As I said in the original description of this picture, she looks like my original character Samantha. I wasn’t trying to draw her, but art can be funny like that sometimes.

Both of these projects are apart of a certain period of mine. Not exactly sure what I’ll call it but I’m open to suggestions.

And now we have once again come to the end of this edition of Last Week’s Art Projects. I really hope you enjoy viewing my art collection and can’t wait to have you by next week.

Thanks so much for visiting and viewing,


P.S. Please don’t copy or redistribute my art without permission. Thanks!

© 2020 FÄDEE

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