Last Week’s Art Projects… [Week 7]

Once again, welcome to this edition of Last Week’s Art Projects. For this week (and I hope you’ve been paying attention!), I releasing an I Am Hero One mini comic. This is my first official comic release and I just want to say I’m so happy about it. You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to submit something, anything, about my upcoming comic. This one here a short one, but it’s not called a Mini for nothing! So without another typed word let’s get to that comic.

Like I said, it’s short, but it wasn’t meant to be long. I’ll be coming out with more of these in the future, and eventually the Big One (the actual full length oneshot), so stay tuned!

Also, can you please leave comments? I’m looking forward to improving my skills as a comic artist and feedback is very welcome!

Thank you so much for visiting and viewing,


P.S. Please don’t copy or redistribute my art without permission. Thanks!

© 2020 FÄDEE

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