Last Week’s Art Projects… [Week 6]

Here’s another week of art projects… umm scratch that. Sketches. Yeah, you’ve read right sketches. I didn’t have the time to complete art projects for this week (and that’s for various reasons) but that only means that the next post will be loaded! — Don’t worry. There are some projects I’m working on that won’t be revealed in this post. (Com’on what’s tha fun in that?)

Please Note: What you are about to see are a variety of sketches. They range from anatomy basics to refined lines waiting to be inked in.

1. Sketch of Profiles

Here, I wanted to give a try at profiles. I still have a lot of details to add on to this picture, but I have the main idea down. Now I admit that profiles have been trouble for me (usually the mouth and chin part) and I know that the only way to accomplish anything is ample practice, so it’s likely that you’ll be seeing more profile projects in the future.

2. Anatomy Base

This is how they all start. Messy lines and awkward bone srructures. Lately I’ve been reading up on simple but effective ways to get down the anatomy of a person. Some people use simplified shapes, others sketch in an actual skeleton. I like to use a simple version of each method and use different colors to help me identify certain bone structures. The red circles are joints, blue lines are bones, and the green stuff are small details.

3. Ears!

Mr. Canine here, is going to be a contest entry. I still have a ton of work to do on his face, neck, and shoulder structures… and the ears. I’m pretty sure one is out a little too far.

4. And… A Thumbnail

Surprise!!! I’m drawing a cover to the Rebekka web novel! I’m just letting everyone know so it’ll be something to expect. At first I was going to wait until I had finished drawing all of the main characters to start on it but, that would have taken way too long! (And I couldn’t hold out on keeping it a secret. So here I am… showing off the thumbnail sketch…)

P.S. If you can’t identify everyone in the sketch, don’t worry. There are some characters in there you haven’t read about yet!

My dear reader, you have now reached the end of this recent post of Last Week’s Art, um… Sketches. Hoped you like seeing how the beginnings of each and every art project of mine start off. In the coming weeks a few of these will be unveiled in their full glory, if not all of them, so stay tuned! ;D

As always, thanks for reading and viewing, and don’t forget to leave a comment if you have one!

Until Next Week,


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