Last Week’s Art Projects… [Week 5]

Besides this being my 20th post, this also includes the most art projects I have done in a week! And to top it all, I successfully finished up the latest installation of my web novel an am starting on a new one. I also wanted to add the news of me reaching a twenty follower milestone, but alas! it is not so…

Anyway, let’s now take a dive into this week’s collection of Last Week’s Art Projects!

  1. Tesla

So if you remember, I posted up the line art of Tesla last week. I colored her in, slapped on a background, and now am showing it to the world. Unfortunately, (and I miserably say this) the back ground isn’t exactly what I wanted. I’m missing a lot of details to give it a jaw-dropping amazing quality, but mark my words. When I break the ice of new frontiers, I don’t stop until I conquer them!

Comic Prep

I’m prepping for a comic I’m working on by releasing main character “introductions”. They’re really character designs that I want people to know because I plan on releasing mini comics before releasing my grand one shot of I Am Hero One.

2. Mordicī

Though my one shot won’t be in color, I wanted my viewers to get a know how Mordicī looks in full color. And yes, he always rocks vibrant blue hair and is pale as a sheet.

Mordicī is one of the protagonists of my comic and as almost any protagonist, has a seriously troubled past. (Sorry, no spoilers people! :D)

3. Hermishi

Hermishi is your about average mischievous knuckle headed teen. He always manages to drag Ji-Ji (his girlfriend) into his massive schemes and dangerous adventures, and usually when that happens, Mordicī is dragged along for the ride too. Aside from Mordicī, he is also a major pinnacle of my comic.

4. Ji-Ji

I know I put it in her personality, but it’s worth saying again. Ji-Ji is super gullible! She’s an absolute sucker for Hermishi’s puppy dog eyes and pitiful groveling. One amazing quality about her though: when she’s angry (if you can get her angry) the toughest and villainous of them all will think twice about her innocent nature.

Ji-Ji happens to be quite popular on ARTstreet, having received over 250 views in just one day! that’s more than any of my other works!!

Web Novel Section

I promise I will create an archive to put all of the additional text and art of the Rebekka web novel into, but first I have to finish gathering it up! For now though, I’ll be adding it here.

5. Togian

I was late on drawing up Togian. I totally wanted to add to the post containing his point of view, but I decided to wait. For one, I wanted to get his hair just right. Togian is a free spirited guy and I simply had to capture that about him when I drew his portrait!

6. The Red Wizard

For those of you who read the web novel, I know you’ve possibly seen this before, but I want to explain a little bit about the art’s composition.

I’m constantly trying shading techniques and perfecting it. At first I practiced using grey scale (and still am). Rendering in color requires a completely different approach, but I really do believe I’m getting the hang of it. Also, I’m experimenting with different eye shapes and clothing types.

P.S. This picture was drawn using my favorite brush in the Medi Bang Paint program, the pencil brush!

And now you have come to the end of this week’s post of Last Week’s Art Project… I truly hope you enjoyed viewing my art as much as I enjoy making it.

If you can please comment. I always love reading feedback.

If you want to see these each week, hit follow. I’m always drawing something! 😀


P.S. Please, please, please get my permission before reposting my work. Thanks!

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