Last Week’s Art Projects… [Week 4]

Another glorious week of art. I’m still using my new found digital medium, but I’ve tried it in color for a few projects! Oh, and I’m doing some comic stuff. Read my comments for details…

1. Jack And Emma’s Picture Together

Note: This is a slideshow. Click arrows please.

If anyone recalls from the last post, I had promised to post the rest of my collection of Jack and Emma’s Picture Together. Really it’s just the colored version and two excerpts. You might see more of them in the future, but I don’t know. I’m quite busy working on the Rebekka web comic. I have to start writing more of Reality Gravity, because I would like to publish it soon, but I’m just so busy!

I might just end up posting updates about the book. Just have to figure out what to say and how not to reveal too much…

2. Morning Rise

Sometimes I sketch or draw characters just out of the blue, but usually I’m practicing on the characters I’ve created for my books. These two are Hannibal and Audrey, the “chic” couple. They belong to my seven book series. Yes, I know it quite expansive. I’ve already introduced five characters… I go around calling it the Aurora series because that’s the name of the main character, but I might just change it…

3. Samantha’s Fury

When I did Samantha’s Fury, I was testing my skills as a comic artist. I swear drawing this did not take me long to do at all, and I really gave myself a shock. Never in my life I thought I could accomplish this feat. Now that I have accomplished it, I’ll just do more! Mwahhahahaha!!! ¦)

Anyway, I just want say this is another character of my Aurora series (*sigh* any other introduction. I can never stop blabbing.) Hmm… if I think about it, this picture is somewhat of a reveal! *gasp* °o°

P.S. As I warned my followers on ARTstreet and twitter, I am currently not doing any comics that would premiere a panel such as this. I am working on a comic, but not one like this.

4. Tesla

Tesla, a Cyber-Steam (Cyber-Steampunk) warrior! Honestly this was something I was just… doing. My laptop had run out of power, and I wanted to draw something, so I turned to analog. Later, when laptop was fully charged, I uploaded this into Medibang Paint and drew away. I was mainly practicing my anatomy. You know, different poses and things. I think I might post up the process I took from base sketch to finish later (including the analog version). I’ll be posting up the color version, background included, later.

Unfortunately, I have no more art to share for this week, but there’s always next week! Thanks for Viewing and I really hope you enjoyed viewing my work.

Please comment. I always love reading feedback.

If you want to see these each week, hit follow. I’m always drawing something! 😀


P.S. Please, please, please get my permission before reposting my work. Thanks!

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