Last Week’s Art Projects [Week 3]

This week (or should I say last week) I found the “medium” I’m best in. Graphite! Well, I’ve always known I was a penciler but after so many tries at doing things the mainstream way (you know line and whatever) I finally caved in. Medibang Paint Pro, the paint program I use for all of my digital art projects, has a brush called the Pencil (Rough) and I LOVE it! Of course I had to tinker with such things as the opacity, brush spacing, minimum width, brush color… but who wants to know all of that! Let’s get to the art!

  1. Christy

Once again, I was experimenting with darker tones. This time around, I think I did a killer job. Monochrome and I just click like that. I had a lot of fun conjuring this picture up and thought I would have trouble with the hair. Turns out, everything went smoothly. It took a little while to get in the fine details, but that made it all the more exciting for me!

2. Goths!

I did this picture for a weekly theme on my favorite social art sharing site ARTstreet. Gothic was the theme and ideas just got to going in my head! I’m not entirely sure the two in this picture look gothic, but I still had fun!

These two are Sue and Quinn (I always name the characters I draw) and they are one of my favorite teen couples. Hmm… actually they’re my only teen couple… [Our little secret: They stem from the seven book series I’m writing!]

3. Andeddo Seishin (Undead Spirt)

Meh heh heh…

I know, I know. If you’re like: He’s creepily sinister, he is suppose to be that way. Andeddo, as I like to call him, also has a place in my seven book series and is a major evil (seriously despicable) villain. He’s a living man (contrary to his name), but has a several thousand-year-old evil spirt bottled up inside. It’s kinda like a hereditary thing… it’s been in his family for over twenty generations… just passing down through the sons… I’ll just write a character sketch about him.

This project I submitted to an art contest which has the theme “horror”. It’s not my “masterpiece” project though. I’m still working on that one…

I happened to capture my drawing process for Andeddo (Yay!) If you happened to be interested, just click here to watch the YouTube video of it.

I know I was late posting up this time around, and to make up for it I’m adding a bonus project. You know… my way of saying forgive me my dear readers…

4. Jack and Emma’s Photograph Together

Emma is so excited about their first picture together! Jack… not so much. He’s actually a little nervous!

Another couple I happened to be writing about. No, no, they aren’t apart of that seven book series. Just a two book series that I’m also working on…… I promised myself I was going to wait until a little later to spill the news, but….. I can never hold out. The title is Reality Gravity. Spoilers: These two can bend or “Shift” reality. They’re called “Shifters”. Okay, okay now I’m done. No more spillage. :’D

Next week I’ll be releasing the color version of this so stay tuned!

That’s All Folks! As always Thanks for Viewing and I really hope you enjoy viewing my weekly art gallery!

Until Next Time,


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