Last Weeks Art Projects… [Week 2]

Welcome once again to my collection of weekly art projects. Another week has passed and it went by so fast! This week I have a large collection of chibis. There is even one I managed to capture from start to finish. So! here’s Last Week’s Art Projects. Hope you enjoy!!

  1. So Happy!!!!

Truly, I had a blast drawing this chibi. She was so fun and perky! Down below are the steps I took to draw her: from template to finished product!

2. Lil’ Miss Fancy

I call this project Lil’ Miss Fancy. Miss Fancy is just the dandiest, but it looks like she’s lost her way. 😀

I love this picture and kinda out did myself on the details of the dress… and the eyes… and went a little crazy with the hair…

3. Light The Dark

And last but not least, the project that took me several days to complete. I thought it would be popular on my favorite art sharing platform, but it wasn’t so hot. Seriously, this took me three days to finish!

A bright side though, I did get a gracious comment which helped make a few minor tweaks. At least they were “social” enough to do that much. Others just flit by without word…

That’s it for this week. Stay tuned for the next post of Last Week’s Art Projects. I’m always drawing something!

If you would like to say something about the art drop a message down below. I love reading feedback. It always helps me improve.


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