Last Week’s Art Projects…

I was quite busy last week drawing and writing, but I mainly did a bunch of drawing. To tell the absolute truth though, I was running a type of “art marathon”, trying to see how many artworks I could get done. And I was trying new things! Being an artist always experimenting!

Anyway, down below are Last Weeks Art Projects!

  1. Hello Daniel

The reason I drew Daniel wasn’t for a comic or anything. I was actually focusing on drawing hair texture and anatomical practice. Some of my earlier projects were lopsided. This time I wanted a well proportional face. The comic bubble was added well… because that’s what it looked like he would say.

2.Lena the Adventurer

I’m not sure if I put it in my bio, but I really, really, really want to be a character designer and plan on going to school for it one day. Lena is one of my many character designs, but one I’ve done using a 100% digital format. I usually go analog and pencil my characters out. And yes, I’m quite impressed with myself. I actually had the guts to share a design of mine!

­2.  Lois

With Lois I was feeling daring. I sometimes have trouble blending darker skin tones and I’m so, so proud that I acopmlished it! I completed this project all in one day which was another goal I wanted to reach. Usually, something like this I would drag over several days. Let’s you know I probably over think things way too much…

3.  Lois (tutorial)

This is the tutorial I worked on to show the steps I took to draw Lois from scratch. I had posted it up on ARTstreet, an art sharing site, but unfortunatly I didn’t get many views or feedback. As an artist, feedback is crutial for me because it helps me improve. You can imagine how dissapointed I was when this project didn’t get noticed.

4.  Anne’s Greetings

Before doing this project, I told myself I wanted something that would pop, but also draw up quickly. With Anne’s Greetings I got just that. I paired a vibrant hair color with darker clothing trying at color scheme. I honestly don’t know if it worked, but I think it looks fine. As for how long it took me to get down the line art and base colors, I would have to say less than an hour. Everything else was a snap.

5. Anne’s Greetings (painted)

This is a painted version of Anne’s Greetings. Once again I was feeling daring and wanted to try digital painting. My honest opinion, I need a lotmore practice. It looks a little too flat to me and it’s missing something. I’m thinking my blending techniques aren’t the best they could be or I didn’t add enough color enhance or shading techniques. I’m not to happy about this realization but it just means I have something else to work to get better at.

Well, that’s it for Last Week’s Art Projects. This week, I’ll probably be busy working on chibi’s and am so excited. I can’t wait until the next post of Last Week’s Art Projects! Until then, thanks for stopping by!

P.S. If you want, leave a comment or two about the art. I’m dying to hear it!!


4 thoughts on “Last Week’s Art Projects…

  1. Hi Ali, thanks for following my blog, The Porthole Peeper. I hope you enjoy my 5 minute reads. Nice drawing practise! I can see you are influenced by Japanese anime. I like the way you paint the eyes too. I am doing an illustration course online at the moment and enjoying it!

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