So I drew up one of the characters of my Rebekka web novel. Didn’t take me long (I thought it would), but then I really wasn’t trying to make it extremely spectacular either. If you’re wondering why I did him first, I’ll tell you that I was really excited about matching a look to his character. I spent an entire day alone just thinking of what hairstyle he was going to have!

Anyway, I happened to record my wonderful journey of Jude’s creation from start to finish and am including them on this page for all to see. I really hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed drawing!

This video here is the first sketch and the line art. This is always my favorite part of a project.

Now I’m touching up the line art…

Coloring and adding the last minor details…..

Thanks for Viewing and Don’t Be Afraid To Drop a Few Thoughts Down Below!!!

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