Why I Stopped Writing By Hand

A few years back, I completely stopped writing my novel series by hand and vowed never again. Sure, writing by hand may be easier, authentic, or nostalgic, but it is also a pain to retype. The reason I wrote by hand is probably different than most. I didn’t have a phone, tablet, computer, laptop, or even a typewriter (which would have been better than nothing) at the age of seventeen, when I on my very first project. I had nothing, nada, zip and zilch. But I had a story I wanted to write and did the only thing I could. Put it on paper. Years later, I’m pain fully regretting my unfortunate plight of years ago, but what could I have done?

Some of my earlier writings…

Can you believe these pages are over three years old???

I started to retype fraying fading pages like the ones above just last year, when I bought my first laptop, but have recently slowed to a near crawl and began on new project. One reason, the storytelling and grammar of my seventeen-year-old self wasn’t exactly book worthy, so I have to spend time being my own editor. Second, I wrote the equivalence of three books out on hand and the pace I’m going to get all of it completed is very frustrating. It may not be the best option, but starting up a new book was the next best thing for me.

I began on my newer book just two months ago and have 120 pages written, a wonderful 35,000 words. I type the words into Microsoft Word, save them into the cloud, and am happy doing so. No fraying, no fading, no lost pages, and no messy correction marks. Life is bliss this way and solidifies my conviction of keeping thing digital.

Don’t get me wrong. No matter how much easier it is to type directly unto a computer instead of copying my writing from paper pages, I will not forget about my first project. I can’t. I love it to death and will never stop writing it. Even under the pain of death. Even if it is so time consuming. But unfortunately, that just the thing, I have to have the time. And for a very busy part-time writer who’s trying to get her first book out, this is a very difficult thing to have lying around.

So, please heed my advice: Don’t write using pen and paper unless you absolutely have to. And if you do, use a pen and not a pencil. Please. Or else you’ll have to deal with this horror:

Yikes! I know. Terrible stuff to deal with too…

So this is my conviction, but what’s yours? Ever been in this situation? Leave a comment and as always, thanks for reading!!


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