So.. What’s My Point?

Maybe your asking, what’s the point of your blog Ali? Simply said, I need more active viewers and readers. Trying to share what you love on social media when no one knows about you is a dead end. Well, maybe it’ll take a few months (or years), but I’m not willing to wait that long. Besides, I like writing stuff that people like to read, and sometimes all that stuff is too long to be posting up on a social media platform.

Social media is seriously for microblogging.


I have a lot of fraying, fading, hand-written pages of the novels I’ve been working on over the last few years, but before I fully edit and start publishing any of it, I would like to get my readers involved. I am writing to entertain you after all, right!

Don’t worry, the library isn’t this large…

Over the next few months, you, my wonderful reader, will be viewing content pertaining to the first book I plan on publishing. Other things I’ll be blogging will be clips of literature I’ll call Snippets. Snippets won’t always be interconnected, but when they are, I’ll let you know. I’ll also post writing tips, share writing excerises I love, gardening advice and recipes (yes I also garden and cook my own meals).


I’m an artist and I love art. Abstract. Photography. Oil portraits. Cubism. Digital. Seriously, I love it. I paint here and there and even snap a few pictures, but most of the time, I go digital, and use a paint program. I’ll be posting my latest masterpieces and my complete failers on this blog–what artist doesn’t have there failers–and I’ll even post my older portfolios from way back when (like… when I was twelve).

Art Tips

Since I’m a self taught artist, I’m a little reserved when it comes to giving tips and lessons. Sometimes I use a method, but then sometimes I just jump right in and let my hands do the thinking. I mean, I’ll try but don’t say I didn’t warn you when come to realize my methods might be a little unorthodox.

If I do give any solid tips, it’ll most likely be on topics such as digital art and how to use certain paint/photo editing programs. I’m also still learning myself, so if I find an interesting or useful tip, you better be believe I’ll share it!

Visualize… what ideas can you think of?

And then there will posts centered around using art for inspiration and idea starters for literature. I think that artwork is a lot like music. Just like how music makes you feel certain things, viewing art helps with visualization, a key factor when writing.


Sometimes I will post up the art I plan to include in my books. That’ll mostly comprise of sketches of characters, sketches of scenes from my books, and Comic Minis, short comics directly related or indirectly related to my literature. (Yes, this will include something like fanfiction of my work. Can’t I be a fan too!)

A Little Thanks

As I will frequently say, thank you for visiting my blog and reading my little articles. As always, feel free to Share and Comment. I’m flattered by the attention. ;D

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