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Welcome to my website! Here I plan to share several forms of arts, from Literature and Artwork to Cooking and Gardening.

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Rebekka: Challenges (pt. 17)

As promised, when it came time for the Last Meal, Rebekka was in one of the kitchens of the garrison making a luxurious double-layered Raspberry and Lemon cake. It helped after a long day to get one’s mind away from the violence and despair. After the ambush, there was nothing but grueling training exercises. Even … Continue reading Rebekka: Challenges (pt. 17)

Character Sheets

More new art, but this time it’s character sheets of characters of my comic I Am Hero One! Hermishi Bonay Ji-Ji Joni Ghilibi Potash So, That’s It For Now Folks! Thanks For Viewing! And Until Next Time… Know someone who would like this? Spread the love and share it! Can’t wait until next post?? You … Continue reading Character Sheets

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Rebekka: Prologue

[Setting: This takes place in a military war camp/hospital of a fantasy world. Rebekka is a volunteer nurse here. She’s resilient, never stopping to give her help and in doing so, long hours without sleep are starting to tell on her. She tends to many of the sick and wounded, but lately had taken a…

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