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Welcome to my website! Here I plan to share several forms of arts, from Literature and Artwork to Cooking and Gardening.

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I Am Hero One: The Blackout

Teenaged Hermishi Bonay loves what he does –> Racing. Motoboard racing. He dreams of becoming the best and will let nothing stop him from getting there! But being a motoboard racer in the year 2699 isn’t easy. It’s a dangerous sport, meant for only the daring! Meanwhile, as this teenager is battling his racing rivals, a long-forgotten evil begins to stir in the shadows. Join Hermishi as he attends races, juggles school, hangs out with friends and family, and eventually, has to battle evil!

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Rebekka: Prologue

[Setting: This takes place in a military war camp/hospital of a fantasy world. Rebekka is a volunteer nurse here. She’s resilient, never stopping to give her help and in doing so, long hours without sleep are starting to tell on her. She tends to many of the sick and wounded, but lately had taken a…

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